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HappyTrax Music

A New Square Dance Label to Spotlight YOUR talent at an affordable cost with the benefit of FineTune Music for your project


Brought To You By FineTune, GoldWing, and SharpShooter Music

The Song Choice Process

Your Tune Choices will have 3 to pick from, and will be fully produced and ready to record Brought to you from the experience of The FineTune, GoldWing and SharpShooter Music team.

International Publicity

Your finished tune will be marketed Internationally thru the power of our distribution process. Your vocal will be heard across the whole Square Dance World

Your Marketing

A HappyTraxMusic Singing call will put your name and talent in the hands of callers, caller bookers and dancers thruout the whole Square Dance World. While there are no guarantees, our calling staff sees bookings and travel opportunities improve greatly- This is your reward for your investment in your calling career!

Contact Us

Feel like talking? Call us!

Rick is ready to discuss your recording career- Be sure to include a phone number and good time for you. Afternoons Pacific Time are best for Us.

Let's talk about a singing call for ME!

Call (559) 909-1232
Write 2510 East Howard Ave.
Visalia, CA 93292
United States
Hours Afternoons, USA Pacific Time

Top Downloads (as of 2024-07-21)

Since August, 2020Last 12 MonthsLast 30 Days
  1. HTX 104 - Hot Stuff
  2. HTX 108 - Yes Indeed
  3. HTX 126 - Friend Like Me A
  4. HTX 110 - Sway
  5. HTX 105 - Puff The Magic Dragon
  6. HTX 109 - No Bad News
  7. HTX 103 - Right Or Wrong
  8. HTX 117 - It's Now Or Never
  9. HTX 106 - Great Balls Of Fire
  10. HTX 113 - Wake Up Little Susie
  1. HTX 126 - Friend Like Me A
  2. HTX 104 - Hot Stuff
  3. HTX 125 - Jazzy Trumpeter Hoedown
  4. HTX 105 - Puff The Magic Dragon
  5. HTX 110 - Sway
  6. HTX 117 - It's Now Or Never
  7. HTX 121 - Bonnie Lass Hoedown
  8. HTX 118 - Am I That Easy To Forget
  9. HTX 122 - Mountain Greenery
  10. HTX 123 - Blue Moon Nights - A John Fogerty Singer
  1. HTX 105 - Puff The Magic Dragon
  2. HTX 110 - Sway
  3. HTX 121 - Bonnie Lass Hoedown
  4. HTX 126 - Friend Like Me A